The E.D.F. Drawing Board

The New "Star Force" Sparks Bitter Controversy ( Sept. 2236 )

E.D.F. Calls it "Mutiny," as Tunisia stuggles to understand.

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  The Eath Defense Council was every bit as angery as Admiral Lord had expected...And then some. Several members said the reactivation of a "Star Force" was blasphemy. Others claimed that the Admiral, had found a whole new way, to disobey orders...Pointing out his already infamous service record. ( This was a new, all time low.) Some, even questioed his sanity...He was after all, risking an interplanetary incident, over the fate of one person...And using the Star Force, to do so? 
   It was decided, that Lord be forced, to retract his proclamation...Or be discharged from service. The sooner the better, as to maintain good relations with Tunisia. This order was sent back, to the "New York." However...There were some members of the E.D.F. Council, who smiled, in secret.
  The Tunisians were equilly upset...They insisted that Mr. Specter was as evil as the Dectrans. The High Council couldn't understand how it was that one Earth ship, could see so differently. It was decided by Tunisian officials, That the "New York" was to be ignored...Not to be assisted, in any way. This decission was helped along by E.D.F.'s own recomendations. As far as the Earth fleet was concerned, The ship was to be labeled as "rogue." Not to be fired uppon, unless push came to shove...

 Captains Ossyrus and Venture had grim expressions...Handing over the memo to Admiral Lord. Maxx looked at it...Then gave a smile. "I told you, it wouldn't be taken well...Read it to the crew." He said, handing the paper back. "Sir?" Ossyrus questioned. "It's the collective thoughts, and ideas of the crew, that make the Star Force, what it is...Let them decide." said the Admiral. "Yes sir." Ossyrus replyed...Then asked."You knew, this was comming?" " Why do you think, I appointed two captains?.. This way, there'd always be someone in authority on the bridge." Lord smiled. "I see..." Ossyrus said half heartedly. "You two, will do fine!" Lord offered. Venture found his voice, now. "Sir, permission to speak freely?"  "Of course..." Lord replyed. "Sir, they're only doing this because...Well, because of your history. Stories about you and the brass, are legendary...Bureaucracy and the Star Force, never really saw eye to eye...I think, Captain Avatar would be proud of you, sir!" "Thank you, Mr. Venture."
  Later, The crew decided...The Star Force would remain as such. Everyone on board, knew this decission would blackmark them. They would have little change to further their career in Earth Defense. There was also the possibility of a lifetime of disgrace...All for the fate of one man,..Mr. Specter. Also known, was the fact that Star force, had done the very same...Many times. This drove the decission.

  The news was a bittersweet victory for Maxx Lord. His people had backed him in this political suicide...With the vote cast, Maxxmillion Lord smiled, and handed his rank pins and insignia to Ossyrus and Venture.  "Gentlemen, the ship is yours. I'm off, to change out of this uniform." He started, as Venture interupted. "Sir, we need you to stay aboard..." "Call me Maxx, now..." Lord corrected with a smile. " I'll call you, "Sir"...If its alright with you. We've decided, that as long as you're onboard this ship, you are to retain your rank, sir! Unofficially, of course...But here." Lord was taken off guard. "...I see...You realize, that such a decission is in direct violation of E.D.F. orders, then?" He reminded. "Yes sir, we do..." Ossyrus answered. Maxx looked at the officers, thinking this over. "I'll considder it, then...But I think, the Star force is in very good hands!  Thank you, gentlemen." With that, Maxx was off to his stateroom.
  Lord was reading in his study, when the intercom sounded. "Sir, I have an incomming message from Earth Defense Headquartes,..Priority One." Said the Com. officer. "Ignore it, maybe they'll go away." Maxx replyed. "Sir, they say they want to talk to Admiral Lord, head of the new Star Force." Maxx was caught by surprise. Someone in H.Q. actually acknowleged the new title? "...Put 'em through." Maxx answered, curious to hear who this was.
   "Greetings Admiral...It's nice to see, your reputatuion in action...For a while there, I thought it was all based on hearsay." Said the voice on the other end. "Well, I'm glad to entertain you,.. Really...." Lord shot back. The voice laughed. "Admiral, I've read all the information you've sent about the Tunisian situation...And, from your position,.. I'm guessing that Mr. Specter's more important, then you're letting on." "Hell, yes!.. If we can figure out how Mr. Specter's technology works,..We could take the fight to the Dectrans! On their own ground...We'd have a chance!" Lord exclaimed to the person on the other end. "Your arguement is sound...But, as usual...Our council has put Diplomacy ahead of sanity! After hearing your your side, I agree with your decision." Came the reply. "Then you acknowlege the Star Force?" Maxx questioned. "I do now, as I did then...Admiral. And I think, your first priority, should be finding, and protecting Mr. Specter." Came the answer...After hearing it, Maxx really started wondering who was on the other end. "...Right...Thank you..." "I know a thing or two about engineering,.. I'd love to hear how Mr. Specter got the U.D. drive to work. Let me know, if you get the chance." The mysterious person added. "Somehow, I don't think H.Q.'s gonna want to hear from me..." Maxx replyed. "I understand that...But I'm retired. I don't work at H.Q. anymore. However, I still have alittle pull. You can reach me through Miss Conroy... Tell her, Sandor sent you!" Maxx sat there...It was as if someone hit him with a brick. "You still there, Maxx?" "Uhh,..Yes sir, Mr. Sandor,..Thank you." "We'll talk again, Admiral...And let your crew know, we have faith in their ability to do what needs to be done... Good luck to you, and our Star Force!" "Yes, I'll do that, sir!"
  Later, Maxx Lord addressed the crew...Telling them, his news from the original Star Force. Moral on the "New York" soared...There was now, a goal. A reason to struggle through diversity. It was time to go...Lord was on the bridge with Captain Ossyrus, getting everything ready for lift off.
  Now everyone took to their stations, waiting for the Admiral to give the word...Lord looked about the bridge..."OK, people...We have a very difficult task ahead of us...Stay sharp and be brave...I'm counting on everyone of you!" he said, with a proud smile..."Engine room...?" He inquired to the officer in charge. "Energy generator at plus 110%....Standing by, sir!" The man answered. "Very well...Engage the Wave Motion Engine... It's time for the 'Excaliber' to take flight!" With this, the newly re-chistened 
 vessel lifted from her moorings... Heading skyward as the twin suns set over Tunisia.

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